Friday, May 8, 2015

Cold-process Soap Gemstones 2

Lately I've been experimenting with making slightly translucent CP soap, and I decided to create a soap that would look like agate. Apricot Agates are banded agates that are mostly mined in Botswana, Africa, that's why they are usually called 'Botswana Agates'. They look like this:

(source: pinterest)
To make the soap, I did a faux funnel pour in 1 spot in the mold, using squeeze bottles. Here is what it looked like:
faux funnel technique - CP soap

After all the soap batter was poured, I spun the mold clockwise. You can learn more about the spinning swirl technique by watching this video.
I forgot to take a picture right away (oops!) and took it only after covering the mold with plastic wrap:

And here are my cold-process soap gemstones! I spritzed them with alcohol for a shiny finish.

cold-process soap gemstones - agate

cold-process soap gemstones

After that I prepared another batch of soap called Malachite. I poured the soap batter differently but also used the spinning swirl technique. Here is how the soap looked in the mold after being spun:

malachite cold-process soap

After being cut:

cold-process soap gemstones - malachite

I hope you enjoyed looking at my new gemstone soaps. :)


  1. These are really beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Did you use CPOP (oven)? What kind of oils and or butters did you use? Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Thank you Christine! Yes, most of the time I use the CPOP method. For this batch of soap, I used lard, canola and coconut oils, as it's a slow moving recipe.

  2. stunning, thank you for sharing

  3. What a fantastic tutorial! What oils can I use for a vegan alternative? What makes the sop slightly translucent? Is it the cpop method? Sorry for so many questions and thanking you in advance. You are a wonderful and creative soaper.

    1. Thank you, Christine! You can use palm oil instead of lard, it gives quite similar results. Yes, it is the CPOP method. :)

  4. Just simply beautiful! When you cut into these shapes, was there a lot of waste? So happy to see these made from cold process, instead of melt and pour. Breathtaking! :-)

  5. Jelena!

    I am always mesmerized with your museum-quality creations!

    I find it interesting that you poured the batter differently for the Malachite soap than you did for the Malachite-like gemstone. Can you help me understand this. It is so interesting.

    Another job well done!!


    1. Thank you, Mark! I am just experimenting, that's why I pour the batter differently. As you see, the final look is also different. :)