Saturday, December 13, 2014

December Soap Challenge - Cherry Blossom

Soap Challenge Spoon Swirl 3

This is my Spoon Swirl soap for the Great Cakes Soapwork challenge. The soap is scented with 'Sakura Hana' - The Scent Works' dupe of BBW Japanese Cherry Blossom. It smells divine!
For colorants I used Hollywood pink and black micas from Nurture Soap Supplies, and titanium dioxide in the main batter.

 Spoon Swirl cold-process soap - Sakura Hana

Here are few more pictures:

Soap Challenge Spoon Swirl - Cherry blossom

Spoon Swirl cold-process soap - Cherry blossom
Soap Challenge Spoon Swirl - Cherry blossom
Thanks Amy for another challenge!  I really liked this technique.