Saturday, April 18, 2015

Soap Challenge Spinning Swirl - Mirage

My soap for the spinning swirl challenge is called Mirage. :) It is scented with Fata Morgana and has six different colors if you count the black and white.

I used Khaki Yellow, Yellow Vibrance, Orange Vibrance, and Fandango Pink micas, all from Nurture Soap Supplies.

I used squeeze bottles to draw straight lines:
After pouring the soap, I gave the mold several good spins clockwise. I stopped spinning when it started to look muddy:
I was really nervous to cut the soap, but was very happy to see the swirls inside! They all look so different!
spinning swirls soap challenge
another 2 bars of soap:

spinning swirls soap

some more:
Spinning Swirl soap challenge

Soap Challenge Spinning Swirl

Many thanks Amy for organising the challenge! I love this technique and will be using it again!