Monday, August 10, 2015

Tiger Stripe Soaps

Some time ago I made 2 batches of cold-process soap using a tiger stripe technique. I believe sometimes it's called zebras stripes.

The first one is my Ocean soap, with blue and white stripes. I'm pretty happy how it turned out:
soap technique - Tiger Stripes

soap technique - zebra Stripes

The next soap is multi-colored and it's scented with Pomegranate and black currant from Brambleberry. It looks a bit different but it was made using the same technique.
soap technique - Tiger Stripes

Monday, August 3, 2015

New soap technique - Mokume Gane

My friend Tatsiana and I have decided to challenge ourselves (we call these soap challenges between us "duels") to adapt any chosen polymer clay technique into soapmaking. Tatsiana has chosen to make her soap using the pixel cane technique. You can see her beautiful result in her blog by steso.

For my soap I decided to use a technique called Mokume Gane. Here are 2 tutorials about this technique in polymer clay.

I colored my soap in 4 diferent colors and poured them into the mold at light trace in layers. After that I used different tools (pieces of cardboard, cocktail straws, paper tubes, etc) to push each of them into the poured soap. This makes the colors blend down through one another in layers.

So here is what the soap looks like after being cut into bars:
New soap technique - Mokume Gane

I found the result quite fascinating :) and plan to make another soap using this technique.