Saturday, February 21, 2015

Soap Challenge Club – DNA Helix Swirl

Here is my entry for the February Great Cakes Soapworks soap challenge. The design is a DNA / Helix swirl.
I used 8 colors: Red mica, Orange vibrance, Yellow vibrance, Spring green, Blue vibrance, Klein blue and Vibrance Purple and Black mica, from Nurture Soap Supplies.

The initial pour:

Then using a chop stick I made a back and forth motion that produces a Chevron pattern. The next step was to make “S” curves. Here is the result!

Soap Challenge DNA Helix Swirl - in mold

Here is a close up picture:
Soap Challenge DNA Helix Swirl - in the mold

And here are the cut bars:

Soap Challenge DNA Helix Swirl - cut bars
Below is my initial attempt at this technique. I like the soap but unfortunately the 'spiral swirls' were not defined enough. :)

Rainbow DNA Helix Swirl soap

As usual, this was a fun swirl challenge. Thanks Amy!