Saturday, January 24, 2015

January Soap Challenge Club – Butterfly Swirl

Soap Challenge Club – Butterfly Swirl

So this is my butterfly swirl soap that I made for the Soap Challenge Club. It is colored with Orange, Yellow and Blue Vibrance Micas, Black, Wisteria Purple, Violet red micas (from Nurture Soap Supplies), and Titanium Dioxide. I scented it with TSW's Fire Island Dunes - love how that smells!

I didn't take any pictures of the process, but here's my butterfly!
Soap Challenge – butterfly swirl

Each bar looks different. :)
Soap Challenge – Butterfly Swirl
soap challenge – Butterfly swirl
Below is my first attempt at the butterfly swirl. :) It's scented with Butterfly Beach FO from TSW and colored with 2 shades of gold mica and activated charcoal for black:
soap challenge – hanger swirl

I'm adding another picture of this black and gold soap, here you can see the mica sparkles:
soap challenge – hanger swirl

The lather of the soap is white - I used activated charcoal to color the black part of it at 1 tsp per lb of oil.
black & gold soap - lather