Saturday, January 24, 2015

January Soap Challenge Club – Butterfly Swirl

Soap Challenge Club – Butterfly Swirl

So this is my butterfly swirl soap that I made for the Soap Challenge Club. It is colored with Orange, Yellow and Blue Vibrance Micas, Black, Wisteria Purple, Violet red micas (from Nurture Soap Supplies), and Titanium Dioxide. I scented it with TSW's Fire Island Dunes - love how that smells!

I didn't take any pictures of the process, but here's my butterfly!
Soap Challenge – butterfly swirl

Each bar looks different. :)
Soap Challenge – Butterfly Swirl
soap challenge – Butterfly swirl
Below is my first attempt at the butterfly swirl. :) It's scented with Butterfly Beach FO from TSW and colored with 2 shades of gold mica and activated charcoal for black:
soap challenge – hanger swirl

I'm adding another picture of this black and gold soap, here you can see the mica sparkles:
soap challenge – hanger swirl

The lather of the soap is white - I used activated charcoal to color the black part of it at 1 tsp per lb of oil.
black & gold soap - lather


  1. Wow!! Love it! Those colors are amazing!! And you got it entered just in the nick of time too!

  2. So nice! Love the rainbow colors! And that black bar... WOW!

  3. amazing how many different butterflies are in one batch! I also like your dark soap!

  4. Последняя, черная...- это просто завораживающее зрелище! У меня столбняк!))))

    1. Она мне тоже нравится, жалко что по форме получилась не совсем бабочка. Спасибо огромное за поддержку, так приятно!

  5. I love your butterflies! Great job on some very beautiful soaps.

  6. I like the rainbow as well as the dark bar, they all are pretty.

  7. Both your butterflies are lovely, but the rainbow coloured one is especially pretty.

  8. Your soaps are so striking! I love your colour choices.

  9. Beautiful vibrant colors with a wonderful swirl